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The OP

So reality hit, after an amazing few weeks traveling around Asia reality hit. Nil by mouth. 7.30am rise at the Royal Marsden. I would be third in line they said. I should go in a 11am. My Mum, my best friend and my boyfriend all there. They drank tea while I salivated. We played shit head; so much shit head. 1pm came, more shit head. 3pm came more shit head. Finally at 4pm, they called me.

Anyone that’s had an op knows that that bit is grim, waiting outside theatre to go in knowing that you will be out of control and cut.

I got back to the ward at midnight, a long old day for my loved ones. The op had taken longer due to scar tissue. By all accounts went well. Renata the lovely kind nurse called came in through the night. I was in and out of it and pretty sore.

The bed was too short , my feet poked out of the end. I had a sheet and what felt like a towel for a blanket. The drip, the cannula, the smell.