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Spirituality and religion fascinates me. It always has but perhaps even more now. I just came back from Burma, the land of Buddha, everywhere you look beautiful stupas.Buddhism to me makes sense. It is an incredible way of life. The law of Karma and cause and effect. Meditation, respect to others and taking ultimate responsibility for our actions.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years and I’m  on a years teacher training course. I’m going deeper into the practice, learning the philosophy and theory behind the age old practice. Yoga is a holistic healing practice for optimum physical, spiritual and mental health. I’m sure things happen for a reason at the right time. My training course has helped me get through the last few months quite like nothing else.

My beautiful sis who painfully lives on the other side of the world has been sending me lots of hippy, self help/spiritual books. After much thinking I’m sure that we are all on the same spiritual journey. The great religions I think fundamentally are saying the same thing. We all just choose our particular path.