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A plea

So I just had my scan… now I wait. Anyone who has had an MRI will know how horrible they are, the drip, claustrophobia and the noise like you are on the M6 motorway. They are vital, they give us the answers.

I just had my saddest moment of this whole experience so far. I hope this post isn’t too depressing but cancer IS depressing. As I sat waiting for my scan a little girl of 10 maybe went in to another scan room with her dad, she had no hair and was thin. What must their life be like.?.. SOO much time in hospital and she must feel SOOO poorly. She was strong like an ox and courageous like a lion. He was trying his best. I shed a tear.
I pray that cancer stays away from my life, from me , from my friends, my family and one day my children.

The last four months have been, well words don’t describe. It’s now time to take stock, process, somehow move on. It’s up to me.

This is a plea to anyone who reads this and to all the people that you now. If you are healthy- be grateful, be happy. Live each day to the full.