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So here I am

So here I am, listening to the rain in the South of France. I’ve made it. It’s the beginning of April and I feel healthy.

I’ve gained weight, I can practice yoga. I’m even enjoying a glass of wine! I’m not quite sure what happened over the last few months but it felt like I went through a tumble dryer. I feel like Kate but somehow different. Simple things are important to me now. I think (hope) I have more gratitude for the people in my life.

Sometimes people can loose their way in life, step off their path for whatever reason, love loss, trauma, self doubt, job loss etc which can lead to all kinds of problems. Change can be the most frightening thing for all of us but sometimes it’s what we need. I can see change on my horizon. Courage is what is needed but I am excited about the future and have a renewed lust for life….