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Everything has changed

When I say everything has changed, I mean everything had changed. Of course I’m still Kate. Of course life goes on but somehow I feel different. This time last year I didn’t have cancer. I lived alone in central London. I was a full time photographer. A year later I’m engaged, living in north London, a yoga teacher (and photographer) and I have been through cancer.

A large part of my 20’s involved parties, late nights, music and general over indulgence. I am so grateful for those days but that part of my life is now closed. I have a second chance and so I do everything in my power to be well. Fun and good times continues just in a different way.

The most important lesson I take from the last year is that life is all about perspective. We create our world with our thoughts. The power of the mind is remarkable.

Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.