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Every 6 weeks I go to hospital. They have to check a few things. Cancer cells, thyroxin levels and calcium. My para thyroid was damaged in the op and as a result my body doesn’t produce calcium.

Going back to hospital is always difficult. It jolts me back to the few months earlier this year. Waiting for the scan results and blood tests is hard. Doctors and nurses amaze me and I totally take my hat off to them. I also have lots of love for the NHS. Yes there are issues but wow are we lucky in this country. Sometimes I pop into my ward to say hello to the people who took amazing care of me. The wheel of life goes on.

I wonder if it’s easier for the dying or the loved one of the dying?

Illness and death are a part of life. You are a lucky being if you can walk through life without ill health. None of us know what’s around the corner perhaps that’s the beauty of life. This highlights the importance of being present, in the moment. It really is all we have. Not in a negative way, in a wonderful precious way. Live each day as if it was your last.