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A letter to 2015

Inspired by a recent blog post from the wonderful teacher Elena Brower as we enter 2016. I look back on 2015 with gratitude.

Thank you for bringing Ida into my world. For opening my eyes to the true meaning of selflessness and dedication. Thank you for connecting me deeper and closer to my mother – and family. 

Thank you for guiding me to delve deeper into meditation and an exploration of my true self.

Thank you for giving me the gift of health and the profound experience of childbirth and motherhood. Thank you for my teaching platform and ability to share my knowledge , wisdom and healing with others.

Thank you for throwing up the challenges within my relationship to give me more insight into myself and past patterns. Thank you for giving me the ability to listen to myself and have beautiful supportive friends surround me.

I leave behind self doubt and negativity that doesn’t serve me or my family. I leave behind comparisons and evoke deep faith and trust in my path.

May I gain whole all encompassing perspective.