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Hypnobirthing- the power of the breath

I decided that I wanted to enrol onto a hypnobirthing course. There was one at the studio where I teach and so I started it 6 weeks before I was due. I know the power of the mind as well as the breath and I really wanted to try and have a natural birth. My yogi friend had introduced me to Ina May books and really felt that I had everything I needed to do it.

I was so blessed with my labour. I sensed the day before that it would happen and at 7am the following morning it began. I was so shocked by the enormity of the contraction pains. Something came over me, a deep inherent instinct, my body knew exactly what to do. My breath became my strength and friend just like in my yoga practice. We left for hospital at 8.30am and I knew babba would come soon.

A 10 minute walk from the car to birth centre took 45minute as the contractions were coming thick and fast.

Nuala was our midwife, a down to earth Irish woman with wisdom beaming out of every pore. She told me it would be the best and worst day of my life and she was right!! I got into the pool at 12, Nuala told me to trust my body and all would be well.

Ida was born at 1pm into her waters in the pool – a miracle and such a blessing. We will never forget that day or Nuala.IMG_5006