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Next up Sally Kempton, arguably one of the worlds greatest meditation and tantra teachers. It was at the end of my 3 day Sianna training but such a different crowd. People from all walks of life, ages, background and cultures. She has a wonderful reassuring presence. We worked to invoke Shakti – universal creativity and grace.

Still on the theme of transformation we began with chants to enable transformation and to move barriers that stop us recognising our oneness.

I have practiced yoga for 14 years but only really two years ago would I say I had a “spiritual awakening” and realised the holistic, spiritual depth of yoga, rather than just the physical practice. It was around the time of my yoga training and when I was diagnosed with cancer.

Sally explained that we don’t get to choose to transform, there is a subtle force that engineers our awakening (Shakti). It comes at  a moment when you can’t carry on the way you are living.

She explained the cycle of transformation. Wake up – practice -honeymoon – fall – wake up – practice – honeymoon – fall.

What I find so interesting about tantra and yoga philosophy is the idea of grace/shakti that is a universal force. Sally summed it up beautifully.

“Living from being, whilst in a space of becoming ”

Being meaning pure awareness, presence at the heart of you. Becoming is everything else.

Namaste x