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Reclaiming my body and connecting to soul.

The first time back on the mat after giving birth was humbling and empowering even though my body was no longer strong….I had been here before, the feeling of weakness, like I was standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up.

The first time back to the mat was so powerful… I connected to source, to my soul, found quiet in all the madness of the previous weeks. It reminded me that this really is our goal in the practice and what a beautiful practice it is.
Asana is a beautiful thing, a gateway but it’s not everything..
I really felt like I lost my body and all its strength but really I have just used by body for something more wonderful , more powerful than any asana…growing a being inside, making that connection during pregnancy and then delivering baba really is nothing short of a miracle..

I know my strength will return, I have been here before when I had cancer and once again I learn a wonderful lesson. The practice supports you at any stage of your life, in sickness and in health, in youth and old age, in motherhood.
As I slowly make my way back to the mat, with a new approach, I feel such a love for the practice, a determination to get strong and perhaps a new perspective in my teaching.

My teacher came to meet Ida and gave me a card with the words “she will bring more dedication and love than you thought possible” and she was right. I feel it already.