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I’ve just been lucky enough to do some more teacher training recently as well as attend some really interesting meditation and yoga philosophy workshops. Here I share my thoughts and learnings.

First up was Siannna Sherman , a 3 day advanced teacher training. I took one of her classes whilst in California and was hooked straight away. She has a deep understudying of tantra and weaves this into her teaching beautifully. She is a dedicated yogi and has been teaching for many years. We began by creating a “heart intention” for our teaching. We then began our 40 day Sadhana. Sadhana meaning spiritual practice. I’m now on day 15 and I feel wonderful, grounded, connected to my heart and intention in teaching. It consists of offerings, chanting, pranayama, mudra, meditation followed by asana.

Being in a yoga studio surrounded by many other yoga teachers , some with years of experience was daunting. Sianna takes no prisoners – you work hard, step fully out of your comfort zone and face fears. “Transformation requires conscious Action”.

We worked with voice, themes, sequencing but most importantly teaching from the heart and the heart of the practice. Every situation has a positive, it’s up to us to delve within to reveal the creative  spirit innate in each of us.

“Fear is an invitation for change “