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Vinyasa and Marathons

A friend asked me what type of yoga I teach and practice and what Vinyasa was. This got me thinking as I began to break down the idea behind Vinyasa Flow. The essence of synchronizing breath and movement  and the creative spirit of the practice.

Last week I saw someone close to me and my family who is dying imminently of cancer, he doesn’t have long and it’s incredibly sad. For this reason and for my own experience last year as well as the work I am doing as yoga teacher at Marie Curie  I have decided to run a half marathon to raise some cash.

It got me thinking as I embark on my training…. Vinyasa and marathons have lots in common. Someone new to yoga is very unlikely to bust out into an advanced headstand variation, hanuman (splits) or an arm balance. It takes time, practice and dedication. In our Vinyasa practice we work with intelligent sequencing to reach a “peak” pose. We work slowly and carefully to allow the muscles to be fully open to reach that pose.

As I stepped into my trainers, took a breath and faced the fear of running 13 miles it came to me… step by step, intelligent sequencing, training and dedication, I will get there.

With a 12 year dedicated yoga practice, only this month have I locked down pincha mayurasana (forearm stand). I’ve watched others in my classes and training fly up into the pose with ease but I didn’t give up, I focused and worked on in my daily practice.

So three lessons I take from this……  1.Santosha (contentment), be happy with what you have and where you are. 2. Never give up. 3. Seize the day none of us know what’s around the corner.