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Why Cleanse?

I just finished a 3 day juice cleanse. Why do it? To detox, to cleanse, give my body a chance to flush out and start again, for Ishvara Pranidhana (spiritual attunement ).

I have done it twice this year. The first after the radiation and the second now, as we ease into winter. Organic juice, mainly vegetable is delivered to your door for 3 days. It is very challenging and humbling in many ways.

Day 1 is pretty hard. I don’t drink coffee but being the true English girl that I am, I love tea!! The caffeine withdrawals kick in and I have a killer headache that lasts for a few hours. I have an interview with a cancer charity and I feel flighty and ungrounded. All is well in the end and the evening I surrender to a bath, early night and some music.

Day 2 I feel brand new. My body feels rested and no hunger at all. Meditating feels easy, I feel light and focused.

Day 3 I feel good, my skins looks great and I feel pretty amazing. As I stroll through London I notice people eating but I feel pretty mellow inside.

People have been fasting for thousands of years. Most of the great religions fast a some point in the year. Muslims at Ramadan, Christians at Lent where they see fasting is a sacred time to focus on God. Fasting is an integral part of Hinduism. Buddhists use fasting as a technique for an easier way to enter samadhi (meditation).

The last 3 days has shown me how food affects body, how much excess crap we eat. It has no doubt helped me with Ishvarapranidhana (spiritual attunement ) and shown once again the connection between mind body and spirit.

I think from time to time, be kind and give your body and mind a rest.