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So I am about to become radioactive. It’s a pretty weird sensation to say the least. Not ideal to be putting this pill into my body but fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed it will make me better! The nurses are nice , my room is nice. I’m fully loaded with blueberries, DVDs, books and music. The idea of not being allowed out of my room is strange. I wonder how prisoners feel… particularly innocent ones. As I sit and wait for my little pill, it’s snowing outside, it’s spring, it’s March.

Here goes…


The Diet

No iodine for 3 weeks in preparation for the radioactive iodine treatment. No fish, dairy, salt, eggs, (I don’t eat meat). Lots of vegetables, fruit, pulses, pretty much a vegan diet. I feel super healthy and clean. The biggest detox of my adult life – no booze. LOTS of juice. Lots of research into benefits of juicing to help fight cancer. My yoga teacher just introduced me to Her Crazy Sexy Diet is very inspiring, particularly for me at the moment. Food and health has always played a big part of my life and seem ever more important now.

Relationship between mind and body. What we put in, we get out. JUICING IS KEY!

Each day begins with a green juice. Incredible how good I feel, more sleep, better digestion, healthy eyes and skin.


Day 2 injection in preparation. It was snowing. The weird thing about hospital waiting rooms, particularly cancer hospital waiting rooms is that people look around wandering what others have. Hair loss is a give away. Free tea and coffee, more waiting, more tea.

Ill health really does suck but medicine really is incredible.