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I had the trip of a lifetime booked. To Thailand for my best friends wedding, via Beijing for Christmas and finishing in Burma. The doctors told me to go. To process what they had told me, to relax, sleep lots. I have Thyroid cancer, they explained that I would need to be operated on to remove the thyroid completely and some other lymph nodes that were cancerous. This would be followed by radiation treatment but for now; process.

My Mum and I fell to pieces in a coffee shop outside the Royal Marsden… (boy oh boy they must see some sights! ) My boyfriend came and scooped us up. My Mum left.

We went home and drank champagne.

I have cancer

So I know blogs. I have a blog. I am a photographer who blogs

This blog is playing catch up, mainly because I have not been well enough to write – until now. This blog feels exposing and strange but essential all the same. It’s for me, perhaps my amazing family and friends and for anyone else that may be faced with a health scare that is a game changer, life changing.

Last year a lump appeared on my neck. I was sure it was a gland. I’m 32 fit, healthy, I practice yoga daily and eat really well. I have partied and indulged in the past but really nowadays I take it easy!! My doctor sent me straight to the Royal Marsden for a scan. I had a CT scan, nothing. MRI scan, nothing. The lump syringed, nothing. All of these things frightening in themselves. They decided to remove it but were confident that it was a cyst and that they had eliminated the worst. I went in for the op, pretty grim as anyone who has been under the knife but all the same fine. They again were confident that all was OK.

One week later I had my results. So confident that all was OK my old amazing friend Dan (a sister to me) and my beloved feasted on fish pie and  bottles of red. Needless to say I had a sore head in the morning as my Mum and I went to the hospital.

I knew something was wrong when all of the Top cat surgeons came in at once. I’ll never forget it. Dr Rhys Evans, who is the worlds leading head and neck cancer surgeon asked me to sit down. He held my hand , his voice slowed down, slo mo, Japanese / medical chat. After a few seconds. I looked up and asked “do I have cancer?” He said yes.